Top Of The Range

Diama Edge

  1. BR7252 and BR7258 –  DiamaEdge blade edge coating. Featuring New, ergonomic handle and individually numbered adjustable screw. Designed for comfortable cutting.
  2. BR7257 –  Micro-Tip blades. Provides a sharp, fine tip for detail cutting. Adjust blade tension for optimum cutting.


Softouch Range

  1. BR7178 – Multi-Purpose Softouch Scissors. Titanium Nitride coating provides extremely durable coating resists scratches, wear and corrosion.
  2. BR9911 – Multi-Purpose Softouch Scissors. Hardened stainless steel blades provides a sharp, long-lasting, durable cutting edge.
  3. BR7177 – Micro-Tip Softouch Scissors. Titanium Nitride coating. Micro-Tip blades provides a sharp, durable cutting edge with a fine tip for detail cutting.
  4. BR9921 – Micro-Tip Softouch Scissors. Ergonomic handles provides added comfort and control.


Razor Edged

Hand buffed; steeper blade angle for smooth, effortless cutting even though multiple layers of the toughest materials and cushioned grip to provide added comfort while the spring action reduces hand fatigue.

  1. BR9916 – Razor Edged Scissors Softouch Design


Softgrip Handles

Soft, cushion-grip, right and left handed handles for extra comfort and control with stainless steel blades for a sharp, long lasting edge.

  1. BR9898 – Pinking Shears


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