Heavy Duty Range

Bent Scissors Series

These superior quality scissors cut materials ranging from light to heavy duty and provide ultimate cutting performance. Specially engineered handles provide comfortable, fatigue free cutting.

  1. BR7181 – 8” Bent Scissors Multi-Purpose Cutting Scissors have Titanium Nitride coating which provides for extremely durable coating and resists scratches, wear and corrosion.
  2. BR9450 – 8” Bent Scissors, Left-handed design allows left handed users visibility of their cutting material.
  3. BR9451 – 9½” Bent Scissors Heavy-Duty Cutting Scissors have hardened stainless steel, providing a sharp, longlasting durable cutting edge.
  4. BR9882 – Bent Scissors (SoftGrip).

Heavy-Duty Cutting

  • These high quality scissors cut materials from light – to heavy-duty and perform many tasks in the home and office. These scissors cut through various materials leaving a crisp, clean edge.
  • Pinking shears with extended lower blade, providing firm grip of materials. Also adds decorative edges making them ideal for finishing fabric edges and
  • adding decorative edges to various craft and sewing materials. Bent Scissors with bent handles provide easier cutting on flat surfaces. Mini Craft Scissors featuring compact size, provides increased control for precise cutting.

From left to right: BR9445 – Pinking Shears, BR9441 – Bent Scissors, BR9507 – Mini Craft Scissors.

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