OttLite helps you see everything clearly with our incredible 508 Illumination™ – a precise balance of contrast and brightness unlike any other. Now the eye can see and focus without the harsh glare, eyestrain, image distortion and fatigue that other light sources can cause.

  • Details and fine print are incredibly clear
  • Reading is easier and seeing is more comfortable
  • Colors are vibrant and spot-on accurate

When your eyes feel great, just imagine all the things you can do – you’ll begin to see everything in your life more clearly. OttLite lighting is energy efficient and Earth friendly. By reducing energy consumption, you can save big on your electric bill and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Plus, because of the incredible quality of OttLite® 508 Illumination™, you may find it’s the only light you need to work by.

Check out the many styles available and Illuminate your life™ with OttLite today!

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