Creativity is never Black & White

But it is always innovative and inspiring. For almost a century MEDEIRA has been designing and producing the worlds best embroidery threads. MEDEIRA has created an embroidery thread that will enhance every embellishment and is safe to use for all applications.

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Embroidery Hints

Generally, Sewing threads should not be used for machine embroidery. Machine Embroidery threads are manufactured with a special twist construction and are softer, giving better cover, unlike Sewing threads, which tend to be hard.

Important: Always use the correct size of an Embroidery needle. Check that the bobbin (spool) is oiled and running smoothly, and that the thread is pulled off in the correct direction. Keep thread guides clean, and check for cuts made by the thread, smoothing them with ‘tooth floss’. Remember to check the needle-plate and hook for cuts if you have a needle break – good housekeeping keeps your machine in good working order.

Top thread tension: The standard adjustment of the thread tension on an embroidery machine is set to suit all embroidery threads. If embroidering on a sewing machine, it is recommended that you select the buttonhole symbol and reduce the upper thread tension (2-3), so that the top thread appears on the reverse of the embroidered fabric.

Bobbin thread tension: It is not normally necessary to change the bobbin thread tension as long as you are using the correct type of bobbin thread which should not be thicker than the embroidery top thread being used. In the event of your wishing to use coloured bobbin thread, we recommend the 100% cotton embroidery thread COTONA. Our specially developed bobbin thread BOBBINFIL is particularly suitable if White or Black under-thread is in use.

Embroidery on delicate fabric: Before commencing embroidery on delicate fabrics, we suggest you use a backing material such as MEDEIRA’s wash-away AVALON Plus or AVALON Film. Light, easy to use, dissolve easily in water, and leave no residue on the embroidery.

Embroidery with metallized threads: Machine speed should be reduced and embroidery undertaken more slowly than with other threads. We strongly recommend the use of a Metallic Needle, remembering to change it often, as the eye of the needle has grooves cut into it by the thread and this leads to thread breaks. If possible, Metallic threads should be pulled off vertically.

Shade Cards

For almost a century MEDEIRA has partnered with satisfied customers around the world by providing quality products at a great value. Combined with their commitment to innovation, MEDEIRA has earned the reputation as the worlds foremost embroidery thread Manufacturer.

In support of all its products, MEDEIRA provides educational materials for retailers to share with their customers. They include:

  • Colour shades cards for all thread products with actual thread swatches for perfect matching.
  • Both machine and hand embroidery thread guides detailing product uses and colours.
  • Printed shade cards and thread conversion charts matching other thread brands and colours to MADEIRA.

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