450 Quick Dry Adhesive Glue (5oml and 125ml)
Helmar 450 Stainless Adhesive is a stainless, crystal clear, fast drying glue ideal for most craft applications, bridal, floral, leather, plastic, cork and general household use where a premium glue is required for a long lasting bond. Projects glued with 450 will stay together for years. Acid Free, Machine Washable, Crystal Clear. Fast Drying.

Craft Glue (50ml, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml,  1L, 2L and 5L)
Helmar Premium Craft Glue is suitable for bonding to almost all types of fabrics, leathers, balsa and other soft woods, paper, cane and most other hand craft materials. It is also an excellent glue for lampshade making and millinery work It’s also machine washable ! Dries crystal clear and sets quickly!

PVA Craft and Hobby Glue (50ml, 125ml, 250ml and 500ml)
Helmar Craft & Hobby PVA Glue, easy to use and quick drying. Ideal for use with paper, cardboard, school projects, craft & hobbies, most timbers, particle board, MDF, balsa wood, fabrics, book binding, most art & craft materials, styrene etc. Clean up with water.

Sandable PVA Woodworking Glue (50ml, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L and 5L)
Helmar Tradesman’s Choice Professional PVA Woodworking Glue is a high quality, clear drying woodworking glue made to Australian Manufacturing Standards 2754-2 Types 4 & 5.Sheer strength is high at 2400N. In laboratory tests using Pine timber the average sheer strength was 2442N and using Tasmanian Oak the average was 2345N. Ideal for timber assembly work such as rubbed joints, dowelling, laminating, veneering and pressing. Can also be used with most craft projects, hobbies, soft timbers, school projects, chipboard, cardboard, paper, etc.Quick development of bond. Non-staining of timbers.

Fray Stoppa Glue (50ml, 125ml)
Helmar Fray Stoppa is a solvent based anti-fray glue. It is specifically designed for use in the binding of fibres to prevent fraying of fabric hems and seams. Helmar Fray Stoppa is resistant to normal washing and will not damage the plastic componentry of sewing machines. Excess should be removed with DD eucalyptus oil. Helmar Fray Stoppa can be applied to the back of buttons to prevent the thread from coming undone. It can also be used to stop runs in pantyhose.

Tiger Grip Glue (125ml)
Helmar Tiger Grip is a strong and versatile adhesive for general use around the home, craft projects, hobbies, etc. It will adhere to paper, card, wood, plastics, metal, cork, fabrics, carpets, leather, canvas and manyother materials.



Tacky Craft Glue (50ml, 125ml and 250ml)
Helmar Crafter’s Choice Tacky Craft Glue is a high quality, thick, fast & clear drying water based glue suitable for bonding most craft projects, hobbies, fabric, silk, burlap, paper, trimming, decorating, jewelry, minatures and egguery. Also ideal for bonding on to different surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, ceramic, paper, china, styrofoam and most plastics. All purpose glue for crafts, hobbies and household use.

PVA Kids School Glue (50ml, 125ml, 250ml, 1L and 5L)
Helmar Kid’s School Glue, easy to use and quick drying. Ideal for use with paper, cardboard, school projects, craft & hobbies, most timbers, particle board, MDF, balsa wood, fabrics, book binding, most art & craft materials, styrene etc. Clean up with water.

Supa-Tac Glue (125ml and 250ml)
Helmar Super-Tac is an extra fast grabbing premium adhesive for bonding many types of materials together. Great for craft, hobby & schools projects, decorations, odd shapes, etc. Use with wood, paper, ceramics, glass, rhinestones, gems, mirrors, pearls, fabric, trims, beads, foam, some plastics & metals.

Foam Glue (125ml and 250ml)
Helmar Foam glue is a fast grabbing premium adhesive for bonding many types of embellishments to all types of foam. Use with Rhinestones, Gems, Mirrors, Pearls, Fabric, Trims, Beads & other embellishments.

Professional Acid Free Glue (125ml and 250ml)
ACID-FREE, (NEUTRAL pH),SETS CLEAR, NON-TOXIC,FLEXIBLE BOND,WILL NOT YELLOW. Helmar Acid Free glue has been specifically designed for memory albums, book binding, mounting photographs, preserving old or precious books, documents, scrap books, most craft projects, etc. Featuring excellent adhesion to dense papers, high flexibility, long term life of the bond. Sets clear, dries quickly and will not yellow with age. Non-wrinkling ! ACID-FREE ! Neutral pH level.

Fabric Stiffener and Draping Liquid (250ml)
Helmar Fabric Stiffener & Draping Liquid is a water based, clear drying glue. Ideal for stiffening Lace, Ribbons, Trims, Crocheted items, Hessian, Fabric, etc. It can be thinned up to 50% with water and also colour tinted with acrylic paint. Finished items can be clear lacquered for protection with Helmar Crystal Kote Gloss or Matt Spray.



Gemstone Glue (50ml and 125ml)
Helmar Gemstone Glue is a water based washable glue for plastic and glass beads, rhinestones, pearls, mirrors. It will not cloud gemstones. Also ideal for scrapbooking applications.

Wash ‘n’ Wear Fabric Glue (50ml and 125ml)
Helmar Wash ‘n Wear glue is a water based glue for permanently adhering, appliques, ribbon, lace, fabric cutouts, etc to various types of garments. It dries clear and flexible, although it may be seen on thin or light coloured materials. Excess should be cleaned while wet with soap and water. For best results leave for 48 hours before washing. Garment and fabric should be pre-washed to remove sizing. Denim should be pre-washed at least 4 times using a colour safe bleach.Garment should be washed in cold water, gentle cycle or hand wash. Do not soak. Dry on permanent press setting, fabric softener can be used in washer or dryer.

Clear Gum Glue (125ml, 250ml and 500ml)
Helmar Clear Gum is easy to use and quick drying. Great as a general purpose office glue. Ideal for paper, cardboard, school projects, craft, etc. Non-toxic, Safe for children.

Solvent Based Fabric Glue (125ml)
DRIES CRYSTAL CLEAR, FLEXIBLE BOND, GRABS EXTRA FAST, MACHINE WASHABLE ,SETS QUICKLY, PERMANENT, FABRIC GLUE. Helmar Fabric glue is a high performance premium adhesive for bonding many types of fabrics & materials. Ideal for use with fabrics, lamp shades, hats, bridal wear, doll making, trim, ribbons, upholstery, leather, suede, lace, etc.


Adhesive Silicone Sealant (30g)

GENERAL PURPOSE (NEUTRAL CURE) ACID FREE,CLEAR. Helmar Silicone Adhesive & Sealant is a general purpose clear silicone. Designed for use on paper tole, aluminium, powder coated metals, stainless steel, glass, most woods, glazed ceramics, canvas, rubber, porcelain, most plastics, concrete, cement products or zinc & copper metals.

Adhesive Liquid Scrap Dots (30g)
Create clear 3-Dimensional effects! Replaces mounting tapes. No fiddly cutting! Great for intricate work and all raised effects. Ideal for gluing metal embellishments & plastic. A clear 3-Dimensional effect for Scrap Booking, Paper tole, card making, etc. Replaces mounting tapes etc. No fiddly cutting, ideal for intricate work and all raised effects. Also idea for gluing metal embellishments & plastic.

Quick-Fix Permanent Glue Runner
Helmar Quick-Fix Adhesive runner is acid free, archival and photo safe and ideal for scrapbooking, craft, school projects and office and home use. Ideal for quickly adhering many light weight items such as paper, photos etc to paper & cardstock. Our roller tip design ensures our runners dispense an even layer of adhesive onto the application surface.


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