Hemline Buttons

Since HTL commenced operations in 1992, customers have frequently asked of us “Why not a range of standard Hemline Buttons?” Well, their prayers have been answered.

In keeping with our vision and promise to do things differently, we looked at the carded ranges that currently exist in the market and noted no changes since the 1980’s. The buttons are still sewn on little cards which hang in shops. The buttons get dirty, are exposed to UV light over time and offer no real value feel when a consumer chooses to purchase them.

We set about changing all that, particularly by adding the “feel good” factor. Hemline Buttons are sold in our famous flip top storage box which keeps our buttons clean and dust free, plus we offer more SKU’s per retail square meter space and with equal or more buttons per pack.

Further Features:

  • Inners of 5 per SKU.
  • Each product can be tailored to your needs for example. Printed in your language, include your importer details, list the price etc of your choice.
  • We are happy to increase the range size if needed.


Have a look at the variety of Hemline Buttons we offer.

Click on the image below to brose through our different range and styles of buttons.



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