Hemline Hangsell

The Hemline range combines more product in less space than any other range. Our carefully designed cards and modules allow quick and easy selection, and at the same time add that all important impulse sale, for increased profits! In addition, our fast efficient refill service in convenient packs of 5 eliminates costly overstocking and protects your profitability.

World Class Range

Hemline – the world famous haberdashery range which was first developed in the 1980’s has quickly become the world’s most dynamic and comprehensive range of haberdashery and craft products. As a result of it’s increasing demand, Hemline is now produced in eight separate languages and sold in more than 20 countries worldwide including England, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and the USA.

Every Hemline card proudly displays our quality checked symbol, reassuring the consumer and making them aware that with the Hemline brand… quality and consumer satisfaction will always be assured.

Have a look at our 12 Panel Range below.

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