Gütermann is an expert in seams. Since the family-owned company based in Gutach im Breisgau was founded more than 140 years ago, they have acquired a unique wealth of experience surrounding thread and its production. This expertise takes shape in numerous technical innovations and an impressive range of products. It is the knowledge that has been nurtured, developed and passed on from one generation to the next right up to the present day.

Behind this know-how is a striving for perfection and the awareness that every application is worth its own tailor-made solution. Especially when not only the appearance and pure functionality, but also the safety of a seam depends on it. That is why each of Gutermann products are not just a thread, yarn or twisted thread – each is a true expert in its own field: whether it is used in the clothing or shoemaking industries or for processing technical textiles.

This is what has made Gutermann one of the worldwide leaders in the production of threads and twisted threads. The standards we expect and the promise they keep every day are summed up in their motto: One World – One Quality! SSS Pty Ltd are a proud Australian distributor of Gutermann.

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