Habee Savers

Habee Savers offers a wide range of tools and accessories for your sewing and craft needs. SSS Pty Ltd is a proud Australian distributor of Habee Savers.

Hand Needles
A variety of hand needles designed for the intended purpose needed for example embroidery, tapestry, darning etc. For hand sewing fine to medium weight fabrics.

Machine Needles
Universal sewing machine needles fitting most sewing machines. They are made for light to heavy duty sewing.

Sewing Accessories
Haberdashery that are used in sewing such as seam rippers, tape measures, thimbles, pens, chalk etc.

Machine Accessories
Products specifically used with a machine such as bobbins, globes, oil etc.

Designed to cut various materials like paper, fabric, thread, card etc.

Safety Pins
Made from various materials, sizes and quantities to best suit your needs.

Made from various materials, sizes and quantities to best suit your needs.

Haberdashery made to hold materials together. This includes products like zippers, hook & eyes, buttons, snaps etc.

Bra Extenders
Products that help make wearing a bra more comfortable.

Used to make material more stretchy. They are made from various makes and sizes to best suit your needs.

Used to bond materials together for crafting or mending purposes.

Iron-on Patches
Easy to apply fabric using an iron for mending and decorating.

Hook & Loop
Helps to attach items together that need a strong grip. They can come in black or white, different sizes and applications.

Thin pieces of fabric used to for hemming, finishings, decorations etc

Assorted colours and sizes used for hand sewing.

Clothes Brush/Roller
Removes lint, dirt, fluff, dust, hair etc from clothes.

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