Glue Guns & Glues

Glue guns come in a low-temperature and a high-temperature (hot-melt) version. Low-temperature glue guns heat up to about 121 °C and are well suited when high temperatures are undesirable, such as gluing lace and cloth. High-temperature guns heat up to around 193 °C and produce a stronger bond.

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In addition to bonding surfaces together, hot-melt glue can be used to fill gaps, but the properties that allow gap-filling (high viscosity, high toughness, and so on) keep it from forming an adhesive film as thin and smooth as is possible with other adhesives. Bonds must be made quickly before the glue has time to cool and harden. Usually it must be applied accurately with the glue gun, as it can not easily be spread, but it is always possible at any time to melt and spread the glue with a heat gun or a household clothes iron, which helps when bonding larger areas.

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