Knit, crochet, craft and sewing accessories

addiClick Accessories
Various sizes of cords and tips.

With the additional function of slim pointed tip at the end of these crochet hooks, stitches can be picked up with the crochet hook, and knitted directly with the knitting needle tip.

Use addiBloom to wrap and weave colourful blossoms and other decorative elements of wool, yarn, bast, ribbon and other materials in just a few minutes.

addiMoon PomPom Set
Pompom making is delightfully easy with this pompom set featuring 4 ring sizes that open easily and are simple to use.

Diameters: 3.5 cm, 5.5cm 7cm und 9cm.

Needle Holders
Secure stitches on your needles.

Stitch Holders
Prevents the knitted piece from sliding down on the needle.

Stitch Markers
Clearly mark your pattern in your crochet or knitted piece.

Store away your addi crafting tools.

Knitting Thimble
Yarn guiding knitting thimble made from spring steel for knitting with different yarns and colours.

With the new addiTop, your jacket knitting needles can be adapted to suit your project.

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