Bergère de France

Bergère de France has put over 65 years of yarn know-how at your service. A perfect balance of time-honoured tradition and the latest technical innovations. Made in France with quality, variety, originality, and fashion in mind – Bergere yarns are of the finest quality. SSS Pty Ltd is a proud Australian distributor of Bergere de France.


• Quality products made in France since 1946
• Classic fine yarns - Ideal for making baby clothes, light garments, or small projects like amigurumi
• Classic chunky yarns - Big and bold yarns, from DK or Aran to super chunky
• Novelty yarns - Add a touch of fantasy to your knitted or crocheted creations with novelty yarns. There are plenty of different kinds of yarns, including faux fur, bouclé, loopy, tweeted, printed and more types of new yarns
• Natural yarns - Wool, merino, alpaca, silk, and cotton are blended with the finest fibers to create natural yarns to make them both sturdy and soft. From fine to chunky, round or handspun-style, there’s a natural yarn for every project
• Spring & summer yarns - For your lighter garments and accessories, Bergere’s fine and fancy spring and summer yarns are soft to the touch and airy to wear
• Luxury yarns - The delightful touch of unique fibers and the elegant drape of the finished fabric made of silk, mohair, alpaca, cashmere, or merino



• Discover all the latest knitting and crochet patterns in our magazines and catalogues
• A large selection of patterns and projects for all styles, ages and seasons
• Patterns from clothing to accessories
• All patterns are categorised by collection and theme
• Patterns support all kinds of needlework
• A wide range of Bergere patterns to support their beautiful yarns
• Pattern categories include catalogs, annual pattern books, and magazines
• To create and be inspired