Premium Stabilizers

Tear Away
Tear Aways are light and soft universal stabilisers for embroidery on medium to heavy fabrics. They’re ideally suited for machine embroidery and also for patchwork and quilting.

It is called Tear Away because you simply tear away the overlapping remains of the stabiliser with your fingers. These stabilisers are made of cotton and are free of synthetic addition. Soft and smooth on the skin, they’re especially well suited for children’s and baby clothing.

Wash Away
Wash Aways are non-woven for stabilising delicate and transparent fabrics, velvet or terry cloth. Water-soluble embroidery backings are especially well suited for lacework and create a clean embroidery with all freehand machine embroidery techniques, creative applications, and decorative machine embroidery.

It is called Wash Away because the stabiliser is simply washed away when put into warm or cold water. The Wash Away stabiliser disappears completely, only the embroidery remains.

Cut Away
Cut Aways are stable, soft stabilisers that remain under the fabric permanently. A Cut Away non-woven prevents the fabric from shifting while embroidering.

It is called Cut Away because you simply cut away the overlapping remains of the stabiliser with scissors.

Cut Away non-woven is ideally suited for large, elaborate embroidery with high stitch count and high stitch density. It is also well suited for embroidery on thick, expandable textiles.

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