Mill Hill

Mill Hill Beads features glass beads in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Among the most popular beads in Australia for needlework projects. They also provide a wide range of bead kits. SSS Pty Ltd are a proud Australian distributor of Mill Hill.


• Fine embroidery beads
• Designed for use to give projects ornamentation and flair
• Used for a variety of purposes, from embroidery embellishment to decorating clothing
• Comes in a variety of colours and sizes
• Can elevate any piece of needlework to high art
• Mill Hill beads are among the most popular beads
• Extensive product range


Bead Kits

• Each kit comes with everything you need to complete beautiful projects: Beads, needles, threads, fabric, chart and instructions
• Most kits uses several different colours of glass beads, numerous floss colours, and ceramic or glass embellishments
• Great gifts for anyone who is new to cross stitch and needlework to an expert
• Massive design range


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