For over 50 years, CARIOCA® has been the symbol of the best made in Italy, with products designed to develop children’s creativity. CARIOCA® products are markers, colored pencils, tempera, pastels, educational games and many other drawing items, all made and tested with the utmost attention, quality and safety. SSS Pty Ltd is a proud Australian distributor of Carioca pens.

Felt Tip

CARIOCA® offers the widest range of coloured felt tip pens on the market, with 9 tips and 17 different types of felt tip pens. To free the imagination and creativity of all children. Superwashable non toxic inks, washable from the skin and most of fabrics just with water. Ventilated cap and blocked tip.

Glitter Glue

Tubes of coloured glue to decorate with glitter effect. They are used as a normal pen on all surfaces and dry out in 30 minutes. Put glitter on your paper and start to shine!

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