Naeo is a leading aroma diffuser manufacturer. With more than 10 years of experience in Aromatherapy, they are a pioneering company mastering all technologies of diffusion: Ultrasonic, Ventilation, Nebulization, Heat, and Capillarity. SSS Pty Ltd is a proud Australian distributor of Naeo Diffusers.


Ultrasonic diffusion is the most wide spread technique on the market. Ultrasonic diffusers produce a steam of mist and lights up to enhance the relaxation and create a cozy atmosphere.


Diffusion by ventilation occurs thanks to the combination of two procedures, air and capillarity. Ventilation diffusers are usually battery or USB operated. A few drops of essentials oils need to be poured on the absorbent material and placed into the diffuser. Activate the diffusion thanks to the built in fan to blow the scented air out.


Capillarity is a passive way of diffusion especially recommended for small spaces such as bathroom or bedroom. This eco-friendly diffuser – made of wood, ceramic or plaster – absorbs the oils and the aroma is released into the atmosphere by evaporation.

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