Top Of The Range

All Stainless Steel

  1. BT4811 – 4” Embroidery scissors are all stainless steel with sharp points allowing precise cutting.
  2. BT4817 – Compact embroidery scissors sized for controlled and precise cutting of detailed work.
  3. BT4818 – 3½” embroidery scissors have contoured handles allows extra comfort for larger fingers.
  4. BT4819 – 4” Long Reach embroidery scissors have extended handles to allow snipping in tight areas e.g. Machine embroidery.


Ornate Range

From left to right:

  1. BT4812 -  5” Ornate Embroidery Scissors
  2. BT4813 – 3½” Stork Embroidery Scissors
  3. BT4814 – 4½” Stork Embroidery Scissors

All Stainless with decorative Gold handles.

  • Fine points allow precise cutting.
  • Adjustable Tension Joint
  • Convenient size when quick cutting is required.
  • Handy scissors forsnipping threads.


Specialty Range


  1. BT4810 – 4” Embroidery scissors have soft grip handles with larger finger grip.
  2. BT4816 – Victorian Embroidery Scissors are handy for snipping threads and detailed work.
  3. BT4820 – Teflon Scissors features blades resistant to sticking to adhesive tape or glues.


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