Stationary Series

General Purpose – BT4752
Popular off-set handled 8½” scissors with stainless steel blades at a super low price.

Household – BT4739
A popular small all purpose scissor that is ready for all manner of small cutting tasks around the home. It’s lightweight, easy to find and easy to use with stainless steel blades. Super value!

Office/Home – BT4755
Popular acrylic handled (tortoiseshell) for attractive desk use. Two most popular sizes 6½” (160mm) and 8½” (210mm). The large scissor has a generous size grip, for increased cutting power and is made from stainless steel blades for easy maintenance at a super value price.

Soft Grip Range

From left to right:
BT4754 – 6¾” Soft Grip Scissors, BT4753 – 8¼” Soft Grip Scissors, BT4760 -8” Soft Grip Scissors

  • Available in the most popular sizes 6½” (160mm), 8½” (210mm) and 8″ (200mm).
  • Heavier gauge stainless steel blades for extra strength cutting.
  • Knife edge sharpened.
  • Soft grip handles which extend down the blades and cover the joint for convenient and easier use.
  • Super value.

Brights Range

From left to right:
B4510.PINK, B4510.BLUE, B4510.PURP

  • Lightweight colourful scissors for all types of general use on paper and fabric.
  • Surprising performance and quality for the price.
  • Comfortable moulded handles covering the blade joint for more convenient and trouble free cutting.
  • Stainless Steel Blades with knife edge sharpening.
  • Bright attractive colours
  • 8” (200mm)
  • Right & Left Handed

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